The South African horse racing industry is one of the country’s most lucrative industries and has a major role to play in its economy. The industry employs more than 100,000 people and generates over R5 billion in revenue.

Race Courses in South Africa

South Africa has eleven race courses. While Phumelela Gaming and Leisure operate six of them, the Gold Circle Pty Limited runs the other five. The two operators function on a partnership basis and work in collaboration, as a result of which the South African horse racing industry is highly organized and well-regulated with horse racing payouts.

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Racing Events in South Africa

Horse racing events are held every day, except on Christmas Day, in South Africa. Modern South African punters can even place bets on horse racing events in Mauritius, Zimbabwe, and United Kingdom.

Phumelela Gaming and Leisure organizes as many as 470 racing events per year, including GommaGomma Challenge, the most lucrative horse racing event in South Africa with a prize of $500k.

Another prestigious South African horse racing event is the July Handicap, which takes place on the first Saturday of every July in Greyville.

Top South African Race Horses

South African horse racing has developed a lot over the past few decades, and several horses, which began their racing career in South Africa, have become immensely famous at the international level even need some sa horse racing tips.

Other countries began importing South African race horses back in the sixties, and it was the US, which first exported Hawaii and Colorado King. Both horses won major horse racing events in the US. Later in the seventies and eighties, famous South African horses such as Prince Florimund, Wolf Power, and Bold Tropic were also imported.

South African horses such as London News, Ipitombe, Horse Chestnut, and Victory Moon have become very famous at the international level.

Horse Betting in South Africa

South African horse bettors can place their bets over phone, online, in person, or over their mobile devices. Visiting prestigious South African race courses such as Greyville and Kenilworth in person and placing bets there is an unbeatable experience. Spectators can gain entry for free; besides, they can enjoy night racing at race courses such as Newmarket and Greyville with sa horse racing results and payouts.

While new punters can make use of form guides, which are excellent sources of horse betting information, seasoned punters can place bets from the comforts of home as and when they watch their favorite international as well as domestic horse racing events on TV.