Video poker has become a popular game in casinos and online for one very important reason — serious gamblers have discovered that they can win money playing video poker. This doesn’t mean every player will win every time they play, but with a good strategy and knowledge of the game, the odds in video poker can actually be in the player’s favor.

How to Play

First, determine how many coins you want to play. Since the best payouts are based on playing the maximum number of coins, you’ll want to choose a game where your funds will allow that. Play a quarter machine for a maximum bet of $1.25 rather than a dollar machine with a minimum bet of $1.

Next, look at the payout charts for the games. Casinos keep the odds in their favor by not making every game a full payout game. You’ll need to know how to recognize a full payout table for the game you want to play. For Jacks or Better, one of the most popular games out there, look for a 9/6 machine that pays 9 coins for a Full House and six for a Flush.

Now, you need to know what to do with the cards you’re dealt. Strategy cards will help you decide the best way to play any hand. Keep in mind that each game requires and different strategy. It’s best to focus on learning the strategies for a couple of popular games rather than trying to play every new video poker offering out there. Many players use strategy cards to learn the best moves for each game, but if you don’t have one handy, go for the highest paying hand that you could make with your hand. Since a full house pays better than a straight, hold the cards that would make the full house. Many people will hold any cards toward a Royal Flush rather than playing a lower paying hand. But don’t be afraid to throw away a hand that doesn’t have anything good in it.

Online or Land-Based Games

Since video poker is played against a machine rather than against real people, there is little difference in the play between an online site or a brick-and-mortar casino. But there can be some advantages to playing online instead of at a casino. You’ll have a better choice of games and pay out tables online while in casinos the best machines can quickly be taken by others. Playing online is also convenient since you won’t have to drive to a casino, worry about air travel or book a hotel room. Fewer expenses mean more profit in your winnings. You’ll also be in a more comfortable environment and feel freer to take breaks in your play at an online casino in SA. But in a real world casino, video poker is still a great choice and playing can earn you both money and comps from the casino.

Top Tips

  • Learn to identify the full payout machines for your favorite games
  • Play the maximum number of coins for your machine
  • Research and learn the strategy for your favorite game
  • Practice playing free online games before playing for money
  • Rely on strategy, not luck!